Hi, I am Katrin. 

I research and write on technology, environment, and feminism. I also advise organisations on data, justice, sustainability, and emerging technologies. I am senior program manager at the Green Web Foundation. Previously, I was chair of epicenter.works and co-founded and co-led MOTIF: a think tank working towards social justice in the digital age. I am co-initiator of the art project Feminist Futures, and hold an MSc in Data & Society.

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I give talks, lecture at universities, and facilitate workshops. I also really enjoy to be part of panels!


FrauenComputerZentrumBerlin - Digitalisierung & Nachhaltigkeit [keynote] 10/10/2024

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Branch Magazine Issue #6

This special issue aims to showcase the work of a growing network with a plurality of approaches and perspectives at the intersection of climate justice and digital technology beyond the internet. It amplifies voices that approach the topics from feminist, decolonial and Indigenous perspectives, and which center care, respect, and non-extractive forms of exchange. Co-edited and co-produced with Fieke Jansen, Maya Richman & Katherine Waters. 

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Feminist Futures

Feminist Futures is an ongoing participatory art project that advocates for just and diverse futures of the Internet. In workshops, participants discuss the current issues of the Internet, and then re-imagine them through stories, comics, or poems. What results is an open source archive of alternative visions of the Internet, that provide strategies for social change.

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Digital Futures 2023

In September 2022, more than 50 independent researchers, activists and civil society practitioners met in Berlin for the Digital Futures Gathering of Superrr Lab. Over the two-day event, participants imagined what just and sustainable digital futures can look like and developed collaborative strategies to work towards them. Together with Superrr Lab, we’ve created a website of the gathering’s documentation. 

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Image: Ousa Collective
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