Hi, I am Katrin.

I work at the intersection of technology and society, and I advocate for feminist futures and sustainable tech. I advise businesses and governments on ethics in emerging technologies. Also, I am interested in ecologies, visions of nature and data in times of climate change.
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I give talks, workshops and lectures on topics ranging from data, algorithms, feminist futures, artificial intelligence, and ethics, to sustainable technologies. I also really enjoy to be part of panels!

Internet Freedom Festival - Community Knowledge Series: Constructing Feminist Tech through Fiction [Workshop in collaboration with Dalia Othman] 02/04/20, Internet

AHA! - Ein Festival für Wissen: Wie können wir Algorithmen kontrollieren? [Talk] 08/02/2020, Luzern (CH)

KI und Wir* - Convention zu Künstlicher Intelligenz und Gender: Wie gelingt eine faire KI? Diversität von KI in Entwicklung und Vermittlung [Panel], Expert*innen-Inputs [Moderation] 22+23/11/2019, Magdeburg (DE)

CityLAB Berlin & Berlin Science Week: Sustainable Futures - 30 Tactics for 2030 [Konzeption, Organisation & Workshop] 05/11/19, Berlin (DE)

Opening Week Leuphana University: Of Categories and Boxes: Exploring Ethical Challenges in the Age of Datafication [Lecture], Smart City! Stupid City?! Reconfiguring Cities in the Age of Big Data [Project Supervision] 07-11/10/19, Lüneburg (DE)

Polis 180: Für eine gerechtere, zukunftsorientierte Digitalpolitik in Europa [Panel] 26/09/19, Berlin (DE)



Feminist Futures is an ongoing participatory art project that initiates, creates and archives science fiction stories of a feminist internet. In workshops, talks and exhibitions imagination and narration serve as tools for public engagement in technological processes. Feminist Futures maps current issues on the internet and re-imagines them through stories, comics or poems. Fiction, in this context, becomes a cultural communal practice that enables political action by re-writing and co-creating feminist futures.
Today, in the year 2038, we have mastered the great crises. It was close, but we made it. The global economic and ecological disasters of the 2020s brought people, states, institutions and companies together. [...] Technologies and big data helped us to turn new and old ideas into reality. [...] Drama is now history. We live in a radical democracy, in a radical bureaucracy. On a planet that doesn't know or need heroes or villains. 2038 is an international team of architects, artists, ecologists, economists, scientists, politicians and writers, initiated in 2019, with the goal of reveling a (hi)story that today we call future.
Effi Beißt was an agency of six people that consulted the German news-blog netzpolitik.org on strategies for (online-)journalism and narrations for donation-based business models. We created videos, wrote a magazine, produced merch, and did a lot of qualitative and quantitative research.